How do I create p12 and mobileprovision files for iPhone publishing?




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    I'm trying to create a distribution certificate but, it looks like the Apple Developer's site has changed, as the instructions and images on the app furnace website are different to the reality of the apple developer's website. Some of these differences are just cosmetic I'm sure, but it gets very unclear once it's got to the step requesting certificates.

    Right at the beginning the page looks different (see img AppDevSiteVAppFurn.png)

    So there is no section called iOS Provisioning Portal. The only similar option is Certificates, in which the options are all different, there are no tabs and I can't find a way through to anything like described on the site. There isn't an option for a Distribution Certificate. There is a Development Certificate and a Distribution Provisioning Profile. Are either of these replacements for the Distribution Certificate or am I in the wrong place? There don't seem to be any alternatives that I've seen. Thanks


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    Yes, you're right. Apple have entirely re-designed their site recently. Thanks for the reminder, we've updated the instructions now. 

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