What files & information do I need to publish on Android?




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    This is not helpful and neither is the "how do I create a keystore file?" prompt (which merely directs a poor slob like me to google's gooblygook). The 'follow the breadcrumbs' process outlined to generate the necessary publishing IOS info (for calvium to work with) works well enough, but why or why have you not done the same for Mr. Google????? Frustrated (again).... Not a happy camper...

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    As I've mentioned before -- appfurnace was recommended for its elegant UI. However, the clunky details Calvium provides to assist self-publishers (like me) and the inexplicable absence of rudimentary AUDIO WIDGETS, for one, is perplexing. 

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    Hi donhill,

    We're sorry you're having trouble with the publishing process - are you using a Window or Mac computer?

    We'll look into putting an Android Keystore tutorial together, or finding a suitable alternative for the help prompt in AppFurnace.

    To answer your questions...

    About iOS Help Files: Historically, the iOS publishing process was a lot more difficult than the Google Play publishing process and the majority of our users were pursuing iOS. So, we focused on making that process a lot simpler for them, but we'll address the lack of Google Play instructions, as you suggest.

    About Audio Widgets: We've aimed to make AppFurnace an app-making tool that allows users more control than many of the "template" alternatives out there, as our users were telling us that's what they were looking for. For the Audio system in particular, we listened to user requests for more control, and developed the AudioChannel system - rather than a drag-and-drop system that would restrict the possibilities. However, from your feedback, we'll be creating a more simple tutorial for audio apps that don't involve location, which should help new users get audio apps working quicker.

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